Online Training & Pricing

Love the workouts you see here? Want more delivered straight to your inbox each week? Need some encouragement or support in completing the workouts and eating healthy in order to achieve your goals?

Prescribed Burn packages are now available! Personalized workout plans are designed to help you reach your goals and are tailored to your current level of fitness, the equipment you have available and even the time you can commit to your workouts.

Get in shape, feel your best, and get plenty of help along the way. Fitness is for everyone. Fitness is fun. Live your life fearlessly fit.

First Degree Package
What will you get?

  • Three PDF documents containing the Strength, Cardio & HIIT workouts for your level (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced)
  • An individualized set of workouts sent to your inbox each week (4 times per month)
  • Initial consultation (20 minutes over the phone)*
  • Month-end check-in (20 minutes over the phone)

Option 1: One Month for $30
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Option 2: Three Months for $75
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Prior to beginning, each client will be required to complete a short, at-home physical assessment and take measurements. You will also be required to document workouts and record notes through an Microsoft Excel file.

Have questions or want more info on any of the package options? Let me know!
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