Exercise Index

Standard Jumps & Variations

Standard Burpee & Variations

  • Standard Burpees with/without Push-up
    Note: unless otherwise stated, I omit the push-up from prescribed burpees. You can perform any burpee variation with a push-up for more challenge or without.

    • Burpee with Lateral Hop
    • Burpee with 180 Jump
      Performed like a normal burpee but you will add a 180-degree turn into the jump at the top of the burpee (like the 180 Jump Squat). Land in a squat position as you would normally, though your body will be facing in the direction opposite to where you started.
    • Burpee with Chest to Ground
    • Burpee with Long Jump
      Perform like a normal burpee but do a long (or broad) jump at the top. Try to jump as far as possible, using your arms to help propel, being sure to land softly in a squat or semi-squat position.
    • Burpee with Tuck Jump
      Performed like a normal burpee but you will perform a tuck jump at the top of the burpee, bringing your knees up toward your chest as you jump. Land softly in a squat position. Be sure to keep your chest up and look forward, not down towards the ground, as you do the tuck jump.

Standard Push-ups & Variations

Standard Planks & Variations

Standard Side Plank & Variations

  • Basic Side Plank
    Shown in elevated position, with a straight arm. Side planks can also be performed on your elbows, with weight resting on the forearm.

    • Side Plank with Crunch
    • Side Plank with Twist (or Thread the Needle) – on elbows
      This can also be performed from an elevated side plank position. In that case, you can increase the range of motion and actually reach your resting arm under your side; “threading the needle”.
    • Side Plank Dips

Standard Abdominal Movements

  • V-ups
  • Single Leg V-ups
  • X- Crunch
  • Bicycle
  • Straight Leg Bicycle
  • Toe Touches
  • Heels to Sky
  • Russian Twist
  • Straight Leg Russian Twist
  • In & Out

Standard Strength Movements & Variations

  • Glutes
    • Pelvic Lift (or Glute Lift or Glute Bridge)
    • Single Leg Bridge Lift
    • Bent-over Straight Leg Kickback
    • Good Morning
    • Tabletop Glutes
  •  Squat
    • with Boxer Punch
    • to Calf Raise
    • Split Squat
    • with Tap Back
    • Step-Up
    • Goblet
    • Narrow
    • Front
  • Lunge
    • Reverse
    • Forward
    • Lateral
    • with Knee Raise
    • Curtsy
    • Overhead
    • Goblet
  • Biceps
    • Regular Curl
    • Half-rep Curl
    • Neutral Grip (or Hammer Curl)
    • High Hold Curl
  • Triceps
    • Overhead Tricep Extension
    • Bent-over Tricep Kickback (with pulse – palms in & palms up)
    • Crab Tap
    • Tricep Dip
  •  Press
    • Shoulder Press
    • Neutral Grip Press
    • Half-rep Neutral Grip Press
    • Arnold Press
    • Chest Press
  • Punch
    • Standing Dumbbell Punch
    • Standing Uppercut
  • Deadlift
    • Sumo Deadlift
    • Straight Leg Deadlift
    • Single Leg Deadlift
    • Russian
  • Row
    • Bent-over Row
    • Bent-over Wide Row
    • Bent-over Mid Row
    • Bent-over Reverse Grip Row
    • Reverse Grip Row
    • Upright Row
    • Chest Fly
  • Raise
    • Front Raise (palms down & palms in)
    • Front Raise to T
    • Bent-arm Lateral Raise
    • Bent-over Reverse Fly
    • Straight-arm Lateral Raise
    • Reverse Fly to I
    • Half Rainbow

Combination Strength Movements

  • Squat to Overhead Press (or Thruster)
  • Ground to Overhead
    Note: Multiple options shown in video. The first option is more technical. I recommend the second option for beginners.
  • Bicep Curl to Press
  • Renegade Row (with push-up)
  • Renegade Row (without push-up)
  • Lunge Hold with Kickback
  • Forward Lunge to Row
  • Forward Lunge to Lateral Raise
  • Lunge with Torso Twist
  • Sumo Deadlift to Upright Row
  • Straight Leg Deadlift to Front Raise
  • Squat Hold Hammer Curl to Standing Neutral Press
  • Bent-over Row to Kickback
  • Split Squat to Bicep Curl