About the Burn

I’m Allie: Entrepreneur & Fitness Freak.Michigander & Detroiter. Crazy Cat Lady & Chocoholic. Creater & Builder. I love: Adventure & Story Telling. Connecting & Social Sweatworking. Kicking Ass & Taking Names.

I have degrees in both business and public affairs and have worked everywhere from a global, Fortune 500 to a small, hyper-local nonprofit (and everywhere in between). But my number one passion? Fitness that is FUN. I’m certified as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist. One of my favorite things to do is to dream up and test new workouts. I am an adventure seeker, adrenaline junkie and HIIT workout guru; the creator of Prescribed Burn.

So what makes fitness fun? To me it’s workouts that are approachable (no equipment HIIT or quick at-home routines) social (beers after bootcamp, anyone?) and that keep you on your toes (no repeat workouts here).

I believe that anyone and everyone should and can do HIIT! That’s why most of the workouts I develop and share in my classes and on this site require minimal equipment (a mat, a timer, and maybe some dumbbells), and work for people on every level. Just like everything else in life, you will get out of every workout exactly what you put in!

Need a push to aim higher, goal harder and dream bigger? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Join me!



Disclaimer: While I firmly believe that working out and eating healthy is a good idea for any and everyone, you should know that I am not a medical doctor and therefore must recommend that you consult with one before undertaking any new fitness or diet regimen, including any of those featured on this website.


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