My Favorite Workouts (that you can also do at home)

I know that everyone (and their mother) is currently offering you some type of streaming/video/home workout service right now.  Personally, I am using this as an opportunity to get back to programming workouts for myself. I am lucky enough to have access to a treadmill and, while the grocery stores may be out of toilet paper, they still have dumbbells so I bought a pair of 35#’s to add to my collection!

All I plan to do here is share with you some of my all-time favorite home workouts. Mostly as a way of keeping myself accountable to maintaining my own health & well-being, my level of fitness (I’m still counting on the summer racing season!), and, of course, my sanity. They’ll also be here for you too, in case anyone else is looking for a challenge while we are all staying healthy and safe.

So, below are a few of my favorites from the past. Mostly #hybridhiit (a combination of strength + cardio) and also some bodyweight HIIT in case you don’t feel like putting on shoes or getting out of your PJ’s.

These first few are pretty old (but good). Back from my first go round at HybridHIIT programming. You can always sub the treadmill running for outdoor running, biking, rowing, elliptical, jump rope, or WHATEVER cardio you want to do. The idea is to spike your heart rate into 85-95% of your max.


Here a few newer ones from last year when I committed to 7 Days of HybridHIIT workouts back-to-back. Who knows, this year might turn into a 14, 15, 16 +++ day streak!

Finally, some bodyweight workouts if that’s what you’re feelin’!

I am also planning to create and program some new workouts for myself. If you’re interested, you can follow along on Instagram @prescribedburn. I’ll post as I go.

Anyway, and most importantly, hope you are all staying SAFE, HEALTHY and SANE whether you choose to workout or not 🙂

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