2017 5k Racing Season – Recap & Results

Wow, that was quick. The 2017 race season is over just as quickly as it started. It feels so weird to be able to look back on each race and remember the tiny details of the day, all the way back in March when it started.
It’s even crazier to think that it’ll all be starting again in 3 short months!

Since the season is over I figured it’d be a good chance for me to recap the season, since I like to look back and see overall how I did, how I was feeling and what I can learn for the upcoming season.

Below is the list of dates, names of races and my official times & finishes for 2017!

March 12 – Corktown Races 19:50 (6th Overall Female)
April 22 – Martian Invasion of Races 19:26 (4th Overall Female, 1st Place age group)
May 21 – Stroh’s Legend Run 19:16 (1st Overall Female)
May 28 – Grand Prix 5000 20:26 (1st Overall Female)
June 10 – Riverfront Run 20:35 (2nd Overall Female)
July 15 – Escape From Belle Isle 20:25 (1st Overall Female)
September 2 – Catch Me If You Can, Evans Lake 20:23 (1st Overall)
September 16 – Head for the Cure 19:08 (1st Overall Female, 2nd Overall)
October 7 – Run Scream Run 18:42 (1st Overall Female)
November 23 – Turkey Trot Detroit 21:49 (Run for Fun!)
December 2 – Santa Hat Hustle 20:22 (1st Overall Female)

I also did a mini interview with myself. I figured these are the questions I’d want to ask someone to find out more about how they found success and what will help for the future.

Q: How did you feel? Physically and mentally?

Overall, I felt great. Especially in comparison to last year. I started having severe hip pain in May, had surgery in August and then spent the new few months recovering & rehabbing. I felt my strongest ever (mentally and physically) heading into the season after completing my hybridHIIT training program and kept the momentum going by focusing on a consistent schedule of workouts and a good mix of strength/HIIT/running/fun.

Q: What did you preparation look like? How did you train?

As I mentioned, I was working on hybridHIIT throughout the majority of the winter months last year. I probably tested at least 3 for each of the 20 workouts included in the program. It was big gains to my strength, conditioning, speed & endurance. For the most part my training didn’t change much throughout the season, except I did add in more outdoor long-ish runs once the weather got nice (usually around 3 miles, never more than 5). I don’t particularly enjoy running, nor do I think that pounding the pavement for miles on end is the smartest or most effective way to train for a 5k race. Most of the time I had the race planned and would modify my training  a bit in the week leading up (usually cutting out or keeping the heavy lifting to the very beginning of the week), adding in more sprints, and keeping it light the day before the race.

Q: What did you learn?

  1. That my body (and my brain) definitely has sweet spot – right around the 20 minute mark. In races where there isn’t a big field of competition I always seems to end up right around that time. Physically I know I can go faster but it is definitely a mental challenge to maintain that speed throughout the race.
  2. The best type of training, for me, involves HIIT, sprints, hill sprints & also plenty of recovery (sleep, foam rolling, stretching).
  3. HAVE FUN – that’s the whole point, anyway!

Q: What are your goals for 2018?

  1. I would like to hit a new PR, ultimately to finish in 18:30 or less. I know it will require a commitment to training and pushing past my mental roadblocks.
  2. MORE FUN – and remember why I started when I’m cursing myself through the first 3 of the 3.1 miles.


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