Weekly Workouts + Gym Inspiration

I have been BUSY. Work work work. Some play. But mostly work, and I hadn’t really been feeling myself lately, which was making all the work a little unbearable. So, I decided I needed to give myself a kick in the pants. Via workouts, of course, and… it worked!

Since I finally had such a good week of workouts I figured I’d share them with you in hopes offering some inspiration.

If you do anything for yourself this weekend (or next week or the one after or after that…) do one of these workouts. I promise you’ll leave the gym feeling like a million bucks.





Plus the following strength sets:
– 3 Sets each –
A. Shoulder Press x15 (#25)/ Goblet Squat x10 (#60)
B. Bent-arm Lateral Raise x10 (#20)/ Step-up – alt x10 (#20)
C. Arnold Press x10 (#20)/ Split Squat x5e (#20)
D. Bent-over Wide Row x10 (#25)/ Russian Deadlift x8 (#40)
E. Bent-over Mid Row x6 (#40)/ Straight Leg Deadlift x6 (#50)
F. Bicep Curl – alt x12 (#25)/ Reverse Fly x12 (#10)




4×4 Strength (30 Minute) Class at + Cycle Endurance (30 Minute) Class at Pulse Fitness





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