Free Candy Workout

Let me ask you a question – be honest. Say it out loud because I can’t hear you anyway and I am certainly not going to judge.

How much Halloween candy did you eat?

WHOA! Just kidding…I definitely had more than you.

Now that we’re a week out from the Big Day I think we can all agree that it’s time for a little break… at least before we go all-in for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And the only way I know how to get back on track? SWEAT.

Here is my annual Halloween-themed workout. This year it’s the Free Candy workout to help you sweat out the sugar and get back on track.

TABATA format because it gets the job done – you can do anything for 20 seconds (remind yourself of that during the workout) – and bodyweight only because NO EXCUSES.

So, give this workout a try the next time you need a little (or a lot) of sweat to get you back to feeling like yourself. I even included a demo video for each of the movements.

Free Candy Workout

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