Prescribed Burn Park Workout #4 @ the Bleachers

As you can tell, these park workouts aren’t designed to be total knock-down, drag-out workouts. I put them together to give you some fun, new ideas for ways to sneak in extra movement during your summer days. Plus, I have fun making them!

I’ve already declared this the “Summer of Sweat” and I’m spending every last possible second I can outside! That means easing back on my indoor gym workouts and opting for more bike rides, quick park workouts, long walks, running in my neighborhood and plenty of bodyweight & kettlebell work I can do in the sunshine.

Here is another idea for a quick park workout – enough to get your blood pumping and work up a sweat! I sandwiched this in the middle of a Saturday morning run – it was perfect!

Sunset (1)

For the stair runs above I went up & down my bleacher stairs as 1 “run”. I started each round with singles (one stair for every step – focusing on quick feet) and finished with doubles (two steps at a time – it’ll burn out your quads, hamstrings & lungs!).

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