Prescribed Burn Park Workout #3

Another park workout. Another one that requires very little equipment (just something to hang from for your pull-ups – if you need it). Take a look at the video then screenshot the workout and get your booty outside!

This workout is essentially 2 mini circuits. You can choose your cardio (run, bike or burpees!) and the number of rounds you want to complete.

I went with 3 rounds per circuit and ran about a quarter of a mile at the start of each round. Again, pick what works for your body, the amount of time you have and the space you’ve got for the workout. You could try tacking on the circuits at the end of a long run or maybe doing a set of suicide sprints instead of a longer run for each round.

Have you been trying these workouts? How are they going? What other ideas would you like for taking your workouts outside?


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