Do Anywhere Park Workout

It’s June! Finally summer (unofficially) and I plan to spend every possible second outside. Here is a fun workout you can do at pretty much any park you happen upon. I live near a few so I can even ride my bike there.

If you don’t live by a park you can take this one with you to do on vacation or while you are traveling.

As you can see, I made use of the park equipment in my moves. All you actually need is a bench and a bar to hang from. If you don’t have either of those and you want to make this workout 100% equipment free here are a couple substitutions:

Pull-ups: Pike Push-ups (10 reps instead of 5)
Bulgarian Split Squat: Stationary Split Squat with Pulse (30 seconds)
Hanging Leg Raise: Lying Leg Raises

You can pick the number of rounds you want to complete for each set. I did 3 but if you want a little longer workout or more of a challenge try 4 or 5. You can also select your run distance for each round – a lap around the park is perfect or a sprint down the street and back. You could also cut out all of the running within the rounds and add in cardio by running to and back from the park. Whatever makes you happy!


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