Another hybridHIIT Workout + More Program FAQs

Here is another free, sample hybridHIIT workout. Below I am also going into a little more detail on how you can tailor the program to fit your individual needs.

Another combo of cardio and strength intervals – this time combining bike sprints, full body movements and some abdominal work during the last set.  For the bike sprints, you’ll go for .25 miles as fast at possible with relatively low resistance on the wheel. Aim for approximately 1 minute of high-intensity work. You can substitute cardio for whatever you have available (1 minute of sprints/jump rope/burpees/etc.)

hybridHIIT #2 (1)

For the strength moves, I recommend using one set of heavy dumbbells. (Use something lighter for the ab movements – a single kettlebell, dumbbell or medicine ball). For me, 30 pound weights were perfect – enough for me to really feel challenged throughout each of the movements. In the hybridHIIT workouts, you’ll notice that I recommend “heavy”, “medium-heavy” or “light” weight dumbbells, never an actual number. That’s because what works for each person will be different. If you’ve been wondering how you will know what weight to use or if you can tailor the workouts for your needs, check out more info below.

For now, another demo video for all the moves in this workout:

Choosing weight for your hybridHIIT workouts:
Most of the workouts include a suggested for a weight range in terms of scale, though none of them prescribe a specific weight. This is done so that you can select a weight that works best for you. While all of the workouts are intended to be performed at 100% intensity, the amount of weight varies to accommodate the number of rounds, repetitions & length of the workout.

  • Light Weight: Can perform at least 20 repetitions before failure (anything less than perform form)
  • Light-Medium Weight: Can before 15-20 repetitions before failure
  • Medium Weight: Can perform 10-15 repetitions before failure
  • Medium-Heavy Weight: Can perform 5-10 repetitions before failure
  • Heavy Weight: Can perform 5-7 repetitions before failure

Finding cardio options for your hybridHIIT workouts:
The workouts require that you have access to a treadmill (or at least a place you can run outside, though a treadmill if preferable), a stationary bike (an actual bike would do in a pinch but I suggest substituting running instead), a rower and a jump rope (again, just run if you don’t have one).

  • Rowing – Should completed with the rower on the highest resistance, as the goal is to move quickly for short bursts.
  • Running – In the workouts you will see notes to “run” or “sprint”. Here is how you can determine the range of those paces of you:
    • Run: The range starting .5 MPH slower than and ending .5 MPH higher than your fastest 1 mile pace
    • Sprint: The range starting .6 MPH higher than your fastest 1 mile pace and ending at your absolute max speed
    • Note that you may be able to run for 2 minutes at a much faster pace than you can run a full mile. Push your limits!
  • Biking – for the short distances prescribed, work should be performed with the gear/tension set at a moderate level. The type of stationary bike you have access to will determine the gear number or level. In short, you should be able to get through the prescribed distance in 1-2 minutes time. Less than that and the gear is probably too light, longer than that and you’ve got it too heavy.

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