The Cake Workout

The cake workout, so you can eat cake!

This is a hybridHIIT-style workout that I completed on my birthday over the weekend. I’m not going to go so far as to say that my favorite part of my birthday but it is definitely my favorite way to start the day, and I always love programming an extra sweaty birthday workout – helps ease the guilt about that 2nd or 3rd piece of cake 😉

So, here is the hybridHIIT cake workout with a demo video for each of the moves.

birthday workout (1)

I completed this workout using a stationary indoor cycling bike. If you don’t have one available you could always substitute running (inside or out), rowing or jump roping.  Each bike will be different so rather than suggest a resistance setting, the goal is to find the resistance on the bike so that you can complete the prescribed distance within 1-2 minutes time. I suggest changing it up from block to block, so that maybe for the first block the .5 mile takes about a minute and a half, and then for the third block pull back on the resistance so that the .5 mile feels like more of a speed sprint and takes you just under a minute.

I also used only one set of dumbbells to complete the workout (#25 pounds). My suggestion is that you also stick with one set of weight so that you can move through the rounds as quickly as possible. Choose a medium/heavy weight – whatever that is for you. You should feel challenged at the weight you select, not so light that you could do 2 or 3 times the reps but not so heavy that you form suffers.

The movements in the videos are in the order in the workout above.



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