Here is a perfectly challenging TABATA workout I completed in the wee hours of Sunday morning in my apartment. Luckily I had my little sister (and favorite workout minion) by my side.

I even convinced her to take some demo pictures post-workout. Artificial apartment lighting is to blame for the low quality but they will do.


As with most of my TABATA workouts, you’ll be alternating between two moves for each set. Go for 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off for each exercise, 4 rounds total.

Each set is 4 minutes. You can choose to take additional rest between each set (I recommend 30 seconds to 1 minute), or if you’re up for a real challenge try to make your way through all 7 sets!
**Note: For the movements that denote “alternate” you should stick with one side for each round, switching every round to the other side.

If you’re at the gym, try this workout with a variety of dumbbells and kettlebells so that each movement is done with a challenging set of weight.
If you do this at home, just go with what you’ve got. You’ll likely find the the weight is easier for some of the movements and more challenging for others. Just remember, your goal for every set is just to move as quickly as possible for the full 20 second work set – if you’re doing that, the weight doesn’t matter!

Set 1: Thruster/ Renegade Row

Set 2: Push-up to T/ Goblet Squat

Set 3: Clean to Press – alternate/ Single-arm Racked Reverse Lunge – alternate

Set 4: Kneeling Press/ Bent Wide Row to Mid Row

Set 5: Straight Leg Deadlift/ Sumo Deadlift to High Pull

Set 6: Kettlebell Swing/ Single-arm Squat to Upright Row – alternate

Set 7: Mt. Climber/ Plank Pull Through

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