Beginner Burn Series: Workout 1

Here is the first workout in a series designed for those just starting out or getting back to workouts. I’m calling it “Beginner Burn”. What makes the workouts great for beginners?

  • Relatively short in time to complete
  • Lower impact
  • Strength focused
  • Little equipment required (only 1 set of dumbbells)

Let’s also be clear that you don’t have to be a beginner to do this workout. To make these workouts more challenging all you need to do is, use heavier dumbbells and take less rest!

If you are just starting out I recommend using a light set of weights (this will vary from person-to-person but 3 – 12 lbs is reasonable).

My intent was to include a short video demo (and will plan to do so in the future) but if you need help now with any of the movements a quick google search will show you how.


2 thoughts on “Beginner Burn Series: Workout 1

    1. Thanks from me too! I tried to follow a beginner workout you posted a few wks ago and was sore the next day but its a good precribed burn type of sore!!! 😃😃😃
      Hope to add ice skating in today! ❤


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