Day 23: Final TABATA Workout

The fourth and final TABATA Tuesday (on a Thursday) of 25 Days of Fit with HIIT. It took me a little longer to get it up because I wanted to include a video for you guys.

Since it’s the final TABATA style workout of this series I made it extra tough. Instead of doing 2 exercises back-to-back for 4 rounds, you’ll do 3.

That means each work set increases to 6 minutes in length. With 5 sets that 30 minutes of work. Rest between rounds as needed (1 minute is recommended).

Video! and Workout below.



Need more? Take less or even no rest between sets. Try to go all the way through for 30 minutes!

Need less? Increase your rest between sets or decrease the total number of rounds for each set to 2 or even just 1.


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