Days 16 & 17: Two TABATA Workouts

Two different TABATA workouts coming today (forgot to publish yesterday’s workout..oops).

This first one includes both TABATA work and longer cardio sets.

For each set listed below you’ll do 3 rounds before moving to the next. The sets include 2 minutes of cardio followed by 3 rounds, TABATA-style, of 3 movements. You’ll need a light-medium set of dumbbells for the TABATA. The cardio is up to you.. jump rope is a good option (or anything else you have available – running, sled pushes, bike, row, etc.).


And here is number 2: Another spin on TABATA

You’ll do 4 rounds back-to-back of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off of the exercises in red, then do a quick 30 second burst of each strength exercise in yellow.

Technically the 4 rounds is only half a tabata set, but I swear you’ll get a great workout!

Once again, weight of the dumbbells is totally up to you. I suggest a moderate-heavy weight since you’ll want to go all out for the 30 second intervals.


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