Day 15: Strength+Cardio Barbell Workout

This is a gym workout. Ideally you use a barbell for all of these movements. It’s designed to include cardio “bursts” (1 minute or less) along with plenty of strength training!

You need a barbell and a variety of plates for the exercises. Each set is designed with two movements to be completed at the same weight (A. because its easy and B. so that you can’t use plate changing as an excuse for rest – or maybe that’s just me…).

In the graphic, I’ve put two sets side by side that you may be able to complete at that same weight. As you go down to the next level, there are two more sets that can be completed at the same, but lighter weight, than the previous two. So, the first two sets should be completed at the heaviest weight and last two sets should be completed the lightest weight.

YOU PICK THE WEIGHT THAT WORKS FOR YOU and adjust as needed. If you can’t do both sets in one level at the same weight, change it. Don’t dwell on the numbers here. It’s more about making less work in putting on/taking off weight than it is about the actual design of the workout. Go with a light-medium weight. We are working on training muscular endurance vs. pure strength. I promise you “baby weight” will feel much heavier after you’ve done an all out sprint for a minute.

Speaking of cardio… pick your poison for this one. I used the treadmill for sprints, varying time and speed. For some sets I did a 1 minute push, others were 30 seconds and some even 20 seconds. It should be an all out push for that time. You can do treadmill sprints, row or bike sprints, burpees, mt. climbers, jump rope, etc… whatever you choose to get your heart rate cranking.

**If you do not have a barbell you can do all of these movements with dumbbells but you will need considerably heavier weight than we’ve been using in previous workouts and you’ll also need multiple sets.


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