25 Days of Fit with HIIT: Day 4

Your Day 4 workout coming at you after a busy Monday. Hopefully you powered through your day with plenty of coffee and a holiday treat (and maybe some veggies).

Are you already relaxing at home and didn’t get in a workout yet? No worries. Here is an easy home workout designed for you to do while you are relaxing.

Bodyweight movements that you can literally do from the comfort of your couch while you’re watching your favorite Monday night show.

This is designed for a 30 minute show, but you could easily make it work for any amount of time you have.

You’ll see work to do during the show (aim for 2 rounds of all the movements) and cardio bursts to do during the commercials.

The work sets should leave you plenty of time for rest & breaks between rounds. You can space out the work to take you from commercial to commercial or you could aim to complete all the reps as fast as possible and then rest before the cardio bursts.

See you tomorrow for TABATA Tuesday!



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