25 Days of Fit with HIIT: #3

Day 3 already!

Let’s keep this train rolling. This workout is equipment-heavy. It’s designed for you to do at the gym. That being said, you can modify to suit what you have available.


Here are some options if you don’t have access to all equipment:

  • Substitute rowing and biking to make all the cardio running (you can run on a treadmill or outside).
  • Substitute the kettlebell work with dumbbells (same for the weight plates). A kettlebell swing can easily become a dumbbell swing, overhead lunge with the plate can easily by done with two dumbbells instead.

Here are some options if you want to modify the workout to make it easier or more challenging:

  • Easier: use light weight
  • Harder: use heavy weight
  • Easier: instead of the cardio burst at the beginning of each round, do it for just the first round. For example, Row 250 meters once and then try for 4 rounds of the KB Swings & KB Goblet Clean to Press.
  • Harder: Take little rest. Try to complete all 4 rounds within each set as fast as you can. Try for negative splits! For example, if it takes you 2 minutes to do one round of 250 meter row, 10 KB Swings & 5 Goblet Clean to Press, see if you can do the next round in under 2 minutes. Aim to get faster every round.
  • Easier: Cut the rounds to 2 for each set or cut the reps in half for every round
  • Harder: Make your cardio portion longer (500 meter row, .5 mile run, .5 mile bike)

I did not include any suggested weight for you to use for these movements because this is all about YOU. I suggest selecting moderate-heavy weight if you are more advanced, and going for very light or even no weight if you are beginner. The point is, pick what works for you. You can change it up mid-workout if you feel like it’s too easy or too hard.

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