Prescribed Burn: 25 Days of Fit with HIIT

I’ve got something special for you! I’m kicking off 25 Days of Fit with HIIT.

What? For the entire month of December (1st  – 31st) I will be posting 25 different HIIT workouts. I will post both home and gym workouts (meaning bodyweight only and equipment-required work), include a variety of formats and, most importantly, keep it fun and approachable so that you can stick with it for 25 days!

Why? Why not? It’ll also be a great way to make sure you are fully enjoying all those holiday indulgences without any of the guilt. Don’t spend time coming up with workouts when you need to figure out how to get your cat to tell you what he wants for Christmas! Eat, drink & be merry, right?

So, starting today (well… yesterday, but you’ll get 2 today) through the end of the month I will be posting 25 new workouts and some other healthy living tips to take you into the new year.

Join me!
I would love for you to comment on the posts or tag your social media pictures with #25daysoffitwithhiit and #prescribedburn to show me your sweat this season.

Let’s get to it. Here is your first workout! (Don’t worry about the timing… there are a few days off planned throughout the month so you can save this one for a rainy day)

All you need for this workout is a single set of dumbbells. If you are at the gym and have a variety of weight to use, I would suggest going heavier/lighter depending on the movements to ensure that you are really challenging yourself. That being said, I completed this workout with only one set of moderate-weight dumbbells and it worked just fine!


  • It’s pretty straightforward – you’ve got 10 weighted movements to complete, each of them followed by a short cardio burst.
  • To keep it easy, just alternate the cardio between jumping jacks and mt. climbers.
  • You’ll do 2 full rounds of these movements. For the first, do each weighted movement for 1 minute followed by 30 seconds of cardio. Rest for 30 seconds (or less) then move to the next.
  • Round 2 is identical to the first except you’ll cut the time in half – 30 seconds of each weighted movement with only 15 seconds of cardio.
  • You can make this workout longer/more challenging by keeping Round 2 at 1 minute: 30 second intervals, and you can always add on a 3rd or even 4th round!


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