2nd Annual Halloween HIIT

I am really late to the party on this one. What’s new? HOWEVER,  when two of my favorite things collide – Halloween & HIIT, I have to celebrate. I actually completed this workout myself earlier in the week to celebrate, so I’m still going to share it with you!

You’re allowed to show up late to a party if you show up with a gift. My gift to you – a killer workout!

Last year’s workout was tough! This year’s is just as challenging but totally different. All bodyweight movements (some new!) and a different format. Last year it was all about speed – as many reps as possible in the allotted time. This one includes a timed portion and a count-your-own reps scheme, which means you’ll have to complete all the reps before you can move on.

You can make this workout more difficult (or less challenging) by playing around with the number of rounds and rest you take between them.

Option 1: Using the prescribed format for the set, run through each set of movements back-to-back. All the way through until you’ve done all 6 sets. Rest for 1-2 minutes and then repeat for a total of 2-4 rounds.

Option 2: Using the prescribed format for the set, complete between 2-4 rounds of each set. Rest 10-30 seconds between each round. Don’t take any additional rest between sets.


At least now you can be sure to sweat out some of that extra sugar, right?

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