BOSU Core Challenge Workout

After my hip surgery I did TONS of push-up & plank variations (on one leg, of course) not only to help cure boredom but also to help maintain and increase core strength, and heal faster. Even though I’m back on two feet I’m still incorporating tons of these movements into my workouts.

I’ve also been loving using the BOSU lately. I have one at home, which may be one reason why I’m loving it, but it’s a great tool that adds a little extra challenge to some pretty basic movements.

So, here’s another challenging workout for you with tons of planks and push-ups. This time using a BOSU. If you don’t have access to a BOSU trainer you can do all of these movements without any equipment OR you can use a block or small step in place of the BOSU.


For this workout you will perform each set in the same manner.
Start with 10 reps each of the first two movements for 2 rounds, followed directly by 30 seconds of the plank variation. Rest 30 seconds and then move to the next set.
For example, Set 1:

  • x10 Up/Down Walk
  • x10 Pike Tap Back
  • x10 Up/Down Walk
  • x10 Tap Back
  • 30 second High Plank Hold
  • Rest 30 seconds

Clearly this is will challenging (and that’s only 1 out of 7 sets!) So, before you get discouraged from even trying here are some pointers on how you can modify this workout.

Option 1: Do only 1 round of 10 reps each for the first two movement and 30 seconds of the plank.
Option 2: Rest for 1 full minute between sets
Option 3: Do only 5 reps of each of the first two movements (1 or 2 rounds) followed by a 30 second hold
Option 4: Take extra rest as needed
Option 5: Perform as prescribed but only complete as many sets as possible.

Also, a demo video for your viewing pleasure!

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