Put Your Weights to Work!

I know you have them. Those dusty old dumbbells lying around your house.
Maybe they’re under your bed, where you rolled them one morning after you stubbed your toe when you first woke up.

Maybe they got left out in your garage and now they’re covered in spiderwebs and a couple of dead beetles.

Maybe they’re in the basement, with the exercise ball and the VHS tapes hiding under the towels you’ve got covering the Tony Little Gazelle you bought back in ’97 when you were on a fitness jag.

Where ever they are – get them out, dust them off (maybe use a hose), and then put them to work with this simple yet, effective Weighted TABATA Workout!

This workout is designed for a single set of weights – preferably light to moderate weight. You don’t need to go heavy here because this workout is about volume! Best part? 20 minutes and you are DONE.

20 Minute Weighted TABATA

Each pair of exercises should be completed for one TABATA set. That means alternate between the two for 4 total rounds, 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest. For example…
20 seconds Weighted Squat, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds DB Ground to Overhead, 10 seconds rest
Repeat 3 more times

I suggest resting 1 minute between each set. If you are more advanced you can cut your rest to 30 seconds or even move all the way through with no rest (it will cut your workout time to just over 15 minutes!)

Here is a short video with demos for each of the movements:

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