A Twist on TABATA

Here’s something new! A twist on the usual TABATA-style workouts that I love.

Old TABATA: 20 seconds WORK/ 10 seconds REST
New TABATA: 20 seconds WORK/ 10 seconds WORK

Wait! I know what you’re thinking… but stay with me. In this new workout you’ll start with the usual 20 seconds of heart-pumping work but rather than using the 10 seconds interval to stop moving, you’ll use the time to HOLD a position, isometrically contracting your muscles (like you would in a plank) to keep position for those 10 seconds.

So, for example, 20 seconds of Mt. Climbers followed by 10 seconds of a plank. Repeat this for 4 rounds back-to-back – that’s 2 minutes per movement. Rest up to 1 minute between each set.

A 30 second rest between sets will get you done with a total body workout in just 20 minutes!

See? Not that bad. You can still use that 10 seconds to focus on deep breaths, helping to slow your heart rate.

Here is the full workout and a demo video!


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