Math + Workouts = Fun

Don’t worry. No AP calc or pythagorean theorems or any of that nonsense. Just some good ol’ arithmetic.

I made this workout to prevent myself from getting bored in the gym. Plus I like nice, clean numbers that end in 5’s and 0’s.

Has anyone felt good after 13 reps? Probably. But not me.

Five by 5's

It’s pretty straightforward. 5 sets of 5 exercises, increasing by reps of 5. Of course you don’t need to do more than one round of each group, but then again, has anyone felt good after just 1? Probably. But not me.

I would recommend 2 0r 3 of each group. You could go through all sets once and then repeat or do each group separately 2-3 times before moving to the next.

The only equipment you’ll need for this workout is one set of medium weight dumbbells (use both or one for DB Swings). Use something on the heavier side – manageable but not easy. You should fight for the last couple reps but still complete them with good form!

Try to complete this workout “for time”. Meaning get through it as quickly as possible but, again, maintaining perfect form. REST AS NEEDED.

This video goes pretty quick but includes demo’s of each move. (This video also features another special cameo appearance.) Enjoy!

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