Sweet Summer

Oh, summer. Don’t leave me! I created this workout as a final ode to summer, something that can be done anywhere (outside preferably), with no equipment, and leave you dripping in sweat. Is there anything better?? Don’t answer that.

Usually when I’m doing these outdoor workouts, and especially during hot summer days, I like to have a delicious treat waiting for me.
Watermelon is good. Beer is better.

Sweet Heat HIIT

You have 1 minute to complete each pair of exercises. Do the first exercise for a full 30 seconds and then count 10 reps of the second. Use any remaining time in your minute to rest.

You will do 2 sets back-to-back for 3 rounds (6 minutes). Rest 1 -2 minutes then repeat with the next 2 sets.

3 Rounds:
Mt. Climbers (30 seconds) + Jump Lunges (10 reps)
Push-up to Spiderman (30 seconds) + Rocket Jumps (10 reps)

3 Rounds:
Burpee with Tuck (30 seconds) + Crab Taps (10 reps)
Plank with Frog Hops (30 seconds) + Squat Jumps (10 reps)

3 Rounds:
Lateral Hop Burpee (30 seconds) + Plank Hop-ins (10 reps)
180 Squat Jumps (30 seconds) + Plank with Twist (10 reps)

3 Rounds:
Push-up to T (30 seconds) + Reverse Lunges (10 reps)
In/Out Hops (30 seconds) + Plank with Shoulder Taps (10 reps)

Here is a demo video for all the movements in this workout. Get outside and sweat out the last days of summer!

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