This Workout is Stacked

I actually enjoy burpees, which is probably not that surprising if you read this blog.

I also get bored very easily, which, again, is likely not a surprise if you know me at all.

My love for burpees + very short attention span = STACKED BURPEE WORKOUT

Stacked Burpee Workout

This workout is STACKED a couple different ways.
First and foremost it’s burpees on top of burpees.
Then, in each “layer” of the workout you are breaking down the components of the movement, creating what I like to call a burpee sandwich.

Complete each layer as fast as you can while maintaining good form. Rest up to 2 minutes until you are ready to attack the next layer with intensity and good form, then repeat.

A demo video, too!
Just a note: the video only shows 2 reps of each movement, it doesn’t necessarily follow the format of the workout.

Don’t worry, there are always more ways to burpee!

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