An Update & A Shoulder Workout

What’s news? I had hip surgery about a week and a half ago and while I’m fairly sure that the healing is going well, the recovery process (crutches, one functional leg, no traditional workout, sitting around with ice packs, you get the picture) has been a challenge.

I haven’t been at work, the gym or up to my usual activities and likely won’t be for at least a few more weeks! That being said, you know I’ve found some ways to sweat…. talking about dumbbells and arm work ONLY.

But when life hands you lemons.. you better hope your arms are strong enough to squeeze the juice into the paper cuts of your enemies!

Here is a sample of the arm workouts I’ve been doing with limited range of motion and limited equipment. I’m at my parents house for recovery (which means I can’t even go to the gym and sit in front of the dumbbell rack), so I made sure that I brought home my adjustable set of dumbbells. I’m working with what I have. I like adding all the weight to the dumbbells for one “block” of movements, and then slowly stripping the weight for each new “block” (when you spend days on end home alone with no one to talk to you will look for any simple form of entertainment).

Shoulder Drops

Be sure to adjust the weight accordingly for YOU. And don’t be intimidated by this. You don’t have to do these all at once or as prescribed. Try this:

TWO blocks with HEAVY weight for 5 rounds each – OR – 
THREE blocks with MEDIUM weight for 4 rounds each – OR – 
FOUR blocks with LIGHT weight for 3 rounds each – OR – 
ONE block with HEAVY weight for 5 rounds (cut reps in half) + ONE block with VERY LIGHT weight for 5 rounds (double the reps)

These are great ideas for at the gym if you’re looking for some shoulder work, or if you have dumbbells at home and want to add in a quick morning or TV-time routine to your day.

While I won’t be back to HIIT anytime soon, I’ve got plenty of new workouts lined up and a happy-to-oblige little sister that will be helping with demo videos & pics so – STAY TUNED!


2 thoughts on “An Update & A Shoulder Workout

  1. Hi Alli!
    I am wishing for you a swift recovery!! (And hope you can stay entertained in the meantime.) 🙂 You are so creative to think of other workouts to do besides your usual full-body workouts. Such dedication. We really miss you at the Y that’s for sure! Thank you for the new workouts/posts -they are something I definitely look forward to!



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