High Intensity Dumbbell Training

Here’s a little change of pace. First, we are incorporating dumbbells and cardio equipment. Second, you’ll be counting reps instead of setting your timer.

Of course, there are a couple caveats. You don’t necessarily need to be at the gym to do this. If you have a set of dumbbells at home, you can just run outside, around the block for the cardio portion. Also, while you are counting reps rather than going for time,  you should still try to complete this as quickly as possible – it’s HIGH INTENSITY.

I opted to complete this with 20 pounds dumbbells and alternated between rowing and biking for the cardio.

It’s 3 Rounds of EACH set, moving as fast as possible. Break between each set. Rest until you feel you are ready to start the next one with 100% intensity. Depending on how much time you have, you can opt to include the cardio portion in each round, or do it once before completing 3 rounds of the weight portion.

Heavy HIITer Dumbbell Workout

Set 1:
Push-up with Renegade Row (left)
Complete one push-up then row each arm, one at a time, pulling your elbow up and back, keeping your arm tight to your body. Try to keep your hips level. A wider foot stance in the push-up position will help.
Note: in this picture, the arm is shown in a tricep kickback position. You can add this into the movement if you want. Push-up and then row to kickback on each side.
Thrusters (right) Perform a squat with dumbbells in hand, resting on your shoulders. As you stand up, press the dumbbells straight overhead, palms facing in.

IMG_3098      IMG_3099

Set 2:
Dumbbell Burpee with Hop (top)

This starts out like a regular burpee, except you’ll have dumbbells in your hands. You DO NOT need to perform a push-up at the bottom of the burpee, just hop your feet back into a plank, then hop them up, then come to a standing position. Hop once you are standing, keeping your arms at your sides.
Dumbbell Ground to Overhead (bottom)
Start in a low squat with dumbbells in your hands, arms at your sides. Aim to have the dumbbells touch the ground on either side of you. As you stand up, clean the dumbbells up your your shoulders by shrugging your shoulders and curling the weight up (if it’s heavy, you can add a hop to help you get the weight up). Once it’s at your shoulders, press the weight straight up, palms facing in.


Set 3:
Push-up Burpee to Press (left)
Start with a burpee, hopping your feet back into a plank. From there, perform a push-up with dumbbells in your hands. Hop your feet up and then stand. As you stand up, curl the weight to your shoulders and press it overhead, palms facing in. 
Dumbbell Squats (right)
With dumbbells resting on your shoulders, perform a squat, keeping knees over your toes and forming a 90° angle. Keep them there as you stand up, pressing your weight through your heels, contracting your glutes and hamstring. Be sure to squeeze your glutes at the top. 

IMG_3101      IMG_3103

Set 4:
Curl to Press (left)
From standing, arms should be straight, hands in front of you with palms facing out. Curl the dumbbells up to your shoulders, your palms will face you. Then, as you rotate your arms so that palms face out, press the dumbbells overhead. Reverse the motion to lower back to the starting position. 
Bent Row to Tricep Kickback (right)
Hinge forward from your hips, maintaining a straight back. Dumbbells in hand, arms will be hanging at your sides, palms facing in toward your body. Row both arms up at once, pulling elbows up and back. Pause for a moment and then kickback from the elbow. Keep your upper arms glued to your sides and squeeze your triceps to get arms up behind you as high as you can. Pause for a moment and then reverse the motion back to starting position.

IMG_3105      IMG_3102

Dumbbells & HIIT –> the best combo since Peanut Butter & Chocolate. Just kidding.


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