Build-Up HIIT

Another installment of no-equipment-needed HIIT for your myriad of needs.
Including, but not limited to:

A. Making yourself cry
B. Making other people cry
C. Mentally and/or physically exhausting your combat enemies
D. Getting in a really great, full-body, do-anywhere workout
E. Impressing people and leading them to believe that you are a ninja warrior

I am mostly kidding about A-C, D is the real truth, and E is a bonus.


Build Up HIIT

The workout is designed to gradually increase work periods from 20 up to 60 seconds, while rest ALWAYS remains at 10 seconds between each exercise. Luckily, the movements were chosen with that in mind. You should be able to work through without having to sacrifice intensity or form.

Start off with 4 rounds of 20 on/10 off (TABATA style), alternating between the first two exercises.

Rest AS NEEDED. 1-2 minutes is prescribed but take your time in order to come back to the next set with 100% intensity.

Repeat with the next set, this time 4 rounds of 30 on/10 off as you alternate between the next two. REST, then start again with the third set for 40/10’s. Continue in this fashion until you’ve completed all 5 sets.

I’m considering the last set, 60 on/10 off for 4 rounds, “freebies”. These aren’t shown in the video. Just your regular run of the mill plank hold (on your hands or on your forearms) and grade-school jumping jacks (arms come all the way up and all the way down).

They are free because, let’s face it, in the midst of jump squats, jump lunges & burpees, plank holds and jumping jacks are a welcome change of pace (still NOT easy).

The video shows all movements, in order, for the first 4 sets.

Note: For the 4th set, I show two options for the pop squat (with or without tapping the floor in between) and two options for the frog tap to push-up (slowly tapping feet up, outside hands or hopping).


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