Summer Heat Wave

I totally understand when my gym gets cold during the dead of winter. Yes, it’s highly annoying to run for 5 minutes in a down jacket until you can start to feel your toes, but you eventually warm up.

What I don’t (and can’t) understand is why they refuse to turn on the A/C during the dog days of summer. Walking into the gym some mornings is like walking into a rainforest where the rain is made up of other people’s sweat.
Not surprisingly, I’ve been opting for outdoor workouts instead!

Outdoor workouts in the heat > Indoor workouts in the heat
Hot yet FRESH air > Hot and FOUL air

Ya feel me? Cool. Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get straight to the point. Another body-weight only workout you can do outside (or inside) this summer.  Actually, it’s great any time of year, but doesn’t it feel good to SWEAT?

Hot Hot HIIT

I finally got back to making videos! I demoed all of the exercises, in order, by “set”. Here is how to complete EACH SET of the workout:

First, you will perform the first two exercises TABATA style. 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off alternating between the exercises for 4 rounds (4 Minutes Total).

Then, immediately start a 2 minute AMPAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) alternating between the prescribed reps of the second two exercises. The goal here is to get through as many reps of the exercises as possible in the 2 minutes. DON’T STOP EARLY.

Rest between sets as needed. I recommend  1-2 minutes.

Each “set” is 6 minutes, if you rest 1-2 minutes between, you’ll get in a total-body workout in 30 minutes or less!

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