Firecracker HIIT

Well, only about a week late on this one but…life. This is the perfect Monday workout. You know, after a weekend of froyo, french fries, beer, sleeping in… Everyone knows the best way to jolt you back to reality is with a sweaty-gasping-for-breath-can’t-feel-your-legs-workout. Or maybe that’s just me.

Either way. Enjoy!

FIrecracker HIIT

To complete this workout you’ll do all 8 exercises listed for a 40/20 second ratio of all-out work to ACTIVE rest. Then, start back at the beginning and complete each for a 30/30 ratio. Make your way through a third and final time doing 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds of active rest for each exercise.

This workout was created using only high-power, plyometric movements and it’s intended to be a challenging! That’s why I’ve created it so that your work periods diminish while your rest periods increase. You will get the most out of the workout if you are consistently giving your max effort, which would be near impossible with long work periods throughout.

Note: The rest periods here are different than most of the other workouts I’ve posted. They require active rest. That means you need to keep moving for the prescribed rest period. How you do that is entirely up to you. I recommend the following:

Boxer shuffle, air jump rope, jumping jacks, skiiers, small square jumps.. anything that will keep your blood pumping.

And yes, while it is active, it is also REST. The point is just to keep moving, not to completely exhaust yourself. Pause for a moment if you need to catch your breath or grab some water.

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