Weekend HIIT

Here’s the thing with the weekends – I love them. Ok, I guess that’s not really a thing. The “thing” with weekends for me is that I also love  to work out as much as possible each day. I don’t view them as rest days or days off, just more time to sweat.

Weekends (and summer weekends especially) are made for get-aways, but that doesn’t mean getting away from your workouts. It’s just a challenge to try something new. Here are my top 3 ways to stay active on your weekend getaways:

  1. RUN. There is no better way to explore your new surroundings. It’s free, easy and pretty much the ultimate no-brainer for a workout.
  2. Try a new studio. Did you know that plenty of fitness studios offer your first class free or at least for a discounted price? And even if they don’t, the $15 you spend on a drop-in fee will be the least regretful purchase of your trip (I’m looking at you, triple scoop ice cream). I’ve taken some of the best group exercise classes at studios in other cities and states.
  3. BODYWEIGHT HIIT. I bet you knew that one was coming, huh? Again, totally free (if you read this blog, duh), requires no equipment (just a timer on your phone), and will give you a total-body workout that will burn enough calories for that triple scoop ice cream!

Below is a body-weight workout I did on a weekend getaway to my new favorite city, Cleveland! <– It doesn’t hurt that one of my favorite people lives there but it’s still tons of fun.


For this one you are working in pairs of exercises. You’ll need your timer set for 2 rounds of 45 seconds back-to-back, 2 rounds 30 seconds back-to-back and then 2 rounds of 15 seconds back-to-back.

To complete the workout you’ll start with the first-pair only in this format:
Mt. Climbers for 45 seconds
Followed immediately by High Knees for 45 seconds
Rest for 15 seconds
Mt. Climbers for 30 seconds
Followed immediately by High Knees for 30 seconds
Rest for 15 seconds
Mt. Climbers for 15 seconds
Followed immediately by High Knees for 15 seconds
Rest for 15 seconds + 1 additional minute

Then, once you’ve completed that, you can repeat with the next pair, and on until you’ve done all 4. Including breaks, that’s 18 minutes of all-out effort including breaks!

It’s short and sweet so be sure to really PUSH.

Here is my favorite workout buddy (with her favorite workout buddy) after her bout with cleHIIT!

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