First 50: The Challenge for Beginners

If you are just starting your fitness journey or looking to get back to work this post is for you. It’s my workout “challenge” for beginners.
I focus on 5 basic, and essential movements: push-ups, squats, lunges, plank jacks and mt. climbers. This combination of exercises will hit all of your major muscle groups – plus some core and cardio. Even the most elite athletes and veteran fitness freaks still do push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks!
The goal is to complete all reps of each exercise, in order, for 5 total rounds. Try to get through all of them as fast as possible.
However, depending on your current level of training, you may not be able to complete 5 full rounds – that’s fine! See how far you can get, write down how many full rounds, reps or exercises you get through, how long it takes you, and then keep trying!
True beginners will likely be unable to complete all 5 rounds at the start – the point is to create a challenge for yourself, find some way to keep you accountable, track your progress and see how much stronger and faster you WILL get over time. Try the First Fifty 3 times each week until you are able to get through all reps for all 5 rounds with ease.
By recording your progress (include the date, time of day and how you were feeling, in addition to how many rounds, additional reps, and the time it took you to complete them in) you will easily be able to see not only far you’ve come but will also learn more about what workout habits best suit you. Do you perform better in the morning or at night? Do you need 1 or 2 days of rest between attempts to make the most progress? Do you do better once you’ve eaten a healthy meal or do you prefer to workout on an empty stomach?
Make modifications to your exercises and be sure to add in rest as needed – take a break between rounds, between exercises or even as you aim to complete all 10 reps. Here are some modifications:
Push-ups – drop your knees to the ground but be sure to keep your back straight and chin up off your chest.
Plank Jacks – try tapping one foot out, bringing it back to the center and then repeat with the other leg.
Mt. Climbers – slow it down, driving one knee up to your chest, return back to plank and then switch sides
** For both the Plank Jack and the Mt. Climber you can substitute a simple plank hold (approx. 30 seconds)

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