Level Up – New Body Weight HIIT

Lately I’ve been trying to include more strict HIIT into my own workouts. I go through phases with my workouts – sometimes I’ll find myself doing heavy weight lifting for days on end, there are some weeks where I will add regular spinning or cycling into the mix, and other times when I will find myself including lots of running (outside and inside) into my daily workouts.

Right now, I’m back to HIIT. Bodyweight moves in particular. It’s amazing how you can really challenge yourself with absolutely no equipment. HIIT, when done correctly, is effective and efficient – you can get in a full-body workout that will challenge your cardiovascular endurance but also help you to develop strength and power.

In honor of getting back to my love of these intense, do-anywhere workouts, here is a brand new one for you! This one includes lots of new moves so I’ve also included a demo video. These new moves take many of the exercises you are familiar with and add in a twist or two, taking them to the next level.

Level Up Body Weight HIIT

I performed this TABATA-style, meaning I used 20:10 second work:rest ratio, pairing exercises together to complete in sets of 4 rounds each. You could certainly change up the pattern or change the work:rest ratio. Try moving straight through the list of movements and then heading back to the top for a total of 4 rounds. Or, keep the exercises in pairs but try 3 sets of each with 30:10 seconds work:rest.

Moves Shown in Video:
1. Reverse Plank with Leg Raise
2. Hip Thrust with Twist
3. L-Sit to Bridge
4. High Knees to Drop
5. 180 Burpee with Push-up
6. Plank Hop to T
7. Single Arm Mt. Climber
8. Push-up with Outside Tap

NOT Shown:
Plank Jack to Low Squat

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