HIIT 101: Modifications

This series of posts is for those beginners out there!

I will provide a series of short workouts that are great for any level, but are perfect for anyone just starting out with HIIT.

The first lesson: modify! Don’t let the movements scare you out of a workout. If you are still working your way up, simple modifications to the movements will help you work out safely and confidently!

For the workout below I have shown two options for each of the movements. Each works the same major muscle groups, though the exercise listed second will be more challenging. Mainly due to the fact that it becomes plyometric and incorporates cardio into the mix.

For beginners, I suggest starting with a simple 3o seconds of work for each movement, including 30 seconds of rest in between. Shoot for 3 full rounds (less is just fine and more is too)!

HIIT 101 Modify

If you start with the modified options (listed first) and you don’t feel challenged enough, go to the second option. Or, start with the second option and switch to the modified version as you start to fatigue. I will often have people use the last 5-10 seconds of each round to do the more challenging version. In this case that might look like 20-25 seconds of stationary lunges and then jumping lunges for the last 5-10 seconds of the round.

Below are some demo’s of each movement (also found on my Exercise Index page). Keep an eye out for the next installment of HIIT 101. I’ve got some workouts planned that will show you how to change up your work/rest ratios, incorporate weight or resistance into the movements, and some tips on how you and format HIIT workouts and progress.

Remember, good form should always be your #1 focus but it is followed closely by INTENSITY. HIIT is intended to be performed with a very high level of intensity regardless of what modifications you add to your workouts.

Lunges/Jump Lunges
Squats/Jump Squats
Knee Push-ups/Regular Push-ups
Slow Mt. Climber (Plank with Knee to Nose)/Fast Mt. Climber
Plank with Frog Tap/Plank with Frog Hop
Tricep Dip/Reverse Plank (add in a leg raise for more of a challenge!)



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