Well, I don’t have many words for this post. I’ve been working a ton lately and I’m just plain tired. I’ve always been an early bird – it’s easy for me to wake up at 4:30 or 5 AM every day – but that’s when I’m in bed by 9 PM! These days, I don’t get home until after 9 so my sleep is…lacking.

Even so, I wanted to be sure and share a new workout with you before the weekend. I haven’t shared a BOSU workout in a while so let’s get back to it!

Back to Bosu

This workout is broken into 4 different mini sets. I suggest completing each set for a total of at least 3, or up to 5, rounds. You can do them all rounds of one set before moving to the next set, or you can work through one round of each set before repeating at the start.

You can see from the graphic that 2 sets are done with the blue (round) side of the BOSU facing up, and 2 are done with the black (flat) side facing up. You can move through the sets like they are laid out visually or, if you want, try both sets with the blue up and then flip it over for the next 2. It’s your choice!

Video demos of all the movements below! Enjoy!


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