Prescribed Burn: My Favorite Workout

It’s my birthday (!) and I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to spend their birthday doing whatever they want. It sets you up for a good year.

Naturally, I spend at least part of every birthday with a workout or two. Unfortunately I will also be spending part of my birthday this year at work, so the workout better be a good one – fun, effective, fast-paced and SWEATY.

This format is really popular on my blog because it’s all of those things I said above – you end up running a total of 3 miles, you get plenty of strength training (and can really challenge yourself by choosing heavier weights), hit all the major muscle groups, and will work up a quick sweat.

So, here you go.

Birthday Blast

I changed up the strength sets so that you aren’t repeating the old workouts and I also tweaked the treadmill portion here so that it’s not just a straight mile run.

Here’s how I completed my 3 miles: (my speeds in pink for reference)

Mile 1:
Run .25 mile as fast as possible 10.0
Complete 4 rounds of sprints at 20 on/ 10 off 11.5
Finish with a jog at a 5% incline until you get to 1 mile 8.5

Alternate between a 1 minute push (1.5 MPH higher than your jogging pace) and a 1 minute jog until you reach 1 mile 10.0/8.5 – I got 3 full rounds and 1 round at “push” speed 

Mile 3:
30/30 (x2) Sprint/Jog 11.0/8.0
20/40 (x2) Sprint (faster)/Jog (slower) 12.0/6.0
1 minute Jog (regular pace) 8.5
40/20 (x1) Run/Jog 10.0/8.5
30/30 Sprint/Jog (Repeat here until you reach 1 mile) 11.0/6.0 – I got in 1 round like this

A note on the cardio: Use the references for sprinting, jogging, running, etc. to find your speeds. I’m showing mine for reference to give you an idea of the difference in speeds between each of those.

It took me around 50 minutes to complete this workout. I was moving quickly between rounds, but taking rest as needed. I used a challenging set of 15 pound dumbbells.

If you need more time for the real celebrating you can cut back to 1 or 2 rounds of the strength portions.
Bonus: it torches plenty of calories so you can make room for all the birthday treats!


I broke out the strength portions into separate video demos. Just for you! Enjoy!

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