Ultimate Plank Challenge

Let’s wrap up this Plank Challenge series with a burnout, shall we?

You will need a set of dumbbells for this sequence. The extra weight will add in a layer of challenge to the stability and balance you should maintain and it will also add in a little extra burn for your shoulders and back!

If you don’t have dumbbells or don’t think you are ready for the challenge you can certainly go without, mimicking the movements as you “punch” and “drag”.

Ultimate Plank Challenge

I’m not suggesting a “no rest” sequence because as always, form is key. Depending on your experience and also on the weight of the dumbbells you are using, you will fatigue quickly here. It’s important for you to ensure proper technique so rest as needed.

I’ve demonstrated each of the moves in the two videos below, starting from the first movement and going straight through, in order, to the last so make sure to watch!

That does it for this round of the Plank Challenge!

Did you try them all?

Did you learn anything new?

Any favorites?

Let me know!

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