Plank Challenge Six

Another Plank challenge!

This one is all about the side plank! You will transition from side planks performed on your hands, down to forearms. As you move from side to side to complete your reps, do not let your knees drop to the ground. Do the same when you move from your hands down to forearms in the middle of the routine.

Plank Challenge 6

10 reps on each side is difficult – if your’e having a hard time making it all the way through, perform only 5 reps per side. You can even take a rest and repeat to get in all 10 reps.

The extra challenge here is to “buy in” to the workout with 10 reps, alternating Push-up to T and then to “cash out” at the end with 10 alternating Forearm Plank to T. Feel free to remove either of these from the sequence.

As these sequences get more challenging, make sure you’re focusing on good form. Keep your hips pressed high, away from the ground, and maintain a tight core, abs and glutes tight.

You may wobble and even fall, but get back up and keep pushing through (you can see from my video that it’s challenging and even I get wobbly).

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