Hop Into Spring with HIIT

Getting back to my roots here with a good ole fashioned HIIT workout for you! After quite a few weeks without sharing a HIIT workout (or, in truth, completing one myself) I figured it was now or never. And what better time to HIIT than by hopping into Spring!

It’s here! The sun! Green grass! Birds! Easter Candy! Oh, joy!

This is a no-joke HIIT workout. I’m back with a vengeance I suppose. To honor the theme of the workout we’ve got lots of jumping, lots of hopping, lots of springing around.

Hop Into Spring.jpg

I’m suggesting that you set your timer for a 45 on/15 off interval and plan to complete each set twice. If you can only get through once per set, don’t worry, one round is better than none! If you’re determined to make it through, take a quick break (an extra 30 to 60 seconds) and then get in your second round.

Everyone should rest at least 1 full minute between sets!

Video Demos of Each Set:

Set 1 – Box Hops, 180 Squat Jump, Skiiers

Set 2 – Plank with Bunny Hop, Burpee with Broad Jump, Up/Down Plank

Set 3 – Skaters, Tuck Jumps, Burpee with Lateral Hop

Set 4 – Plank with Frog Jump, Burpee with Tuck Jump, Plyo Push-up


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