Plank Challenge no. 5

At number 5 already! I’m having a lot of fun coming up with these challenges and have also really enjoyed adding them to my own daily routine. Sometimes the trial and error of these little workouts is the best part of my day. How could something like that be so exciting? Consider the fact that I am eating a raw stalk of broccoli right now – not for its health merits but because I have nothing else to snack on in my apartment.

That, my friends, is exactly how a plank challenge becomes a thrilling part of your day. So, let’s get to it!

Plank Challenge #5

Compound movements here make this a challenge for your abs from top to bottom as well as your obliques, plus a little extra burn for shoulders and glutes.

For the first 4 moves, try to complete 10 reps total, alternating from side to side. Maintain your position in the final hold for 30 seconds?
If you’re ready to take it to the next level you can try for 20 reps of each (10 per side) and a full minute hold at the end.

Video #1

Movement 1 – Plank to Pike & Cross Body Reach

From Plank, push back to pike position and then reach your hand back to touch your opposite leg (aiming for shoelaces). Return to your plank position and then repeat, reaching for the other side.

Movement 2 – Plank to Down Dog to Leg Lift with Twist

From a plank, push backward into a Downward Dog. Lift one leg up straight behind you and then as you push forward back to a plank twist your knee to your opposite elbow. Bring leg back to center, returning to a plank position. Repeat on the opposite side.

Video #2

Movement 3 – Plank with Spiderman

From your plank bring your right knee toward the back of your right arm/elbow, crunching into your obliques. Return leg to center and repeat on the left.

Movement 4 – Plank with Leg Lift to Knee Tuck

From a plank using only your glutes and hamstrings (not swinging from the hips), lift your leg up behind you, keeping your foot flexed. Instead of lowering your leg straight down, instead tuck your knee in towards your chest, this time pointing your toe. You can make this an even deeper movement by pushing forward slightly on your toes, brining your knee even closer to the chest.

Movement 5 – Plank Hand Walk-Out to Hold

Walk your hands out in front of you, so that your wrists are no longer directly under your shoulders, but under your face. The further you walk your hands, the more challenging. Be sure to stop when you lose good form (maintain tension in the glues & rib cage and a straight back).

I’ll be back soon with a new challenge for you. In the meantime, why not revisit some of the sequences from the first Plank Challenge?


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