Plank Challenge: Round 2

Back at it again. A few months back I posted a series of quick (5 minute) movement sequences that focused on developing core strength. I called these “Plank Challenges” because the movements incorporated mainly plank variations sprinkled with some push-ups and cardio.

Any of those quick Plank Challenges are great to do as soon as you get up in the morning to help wake you up and get your blood moving, right before bed to help you sneak in a few more minutes of movement into your day, or even just as you are watching tv or to finish up a workout with a little burn.

The Plank Challenge series is starting right back where we left off, and adding in some new moves to help you strengthen your core.

Plank Challenge 4

Try to complete all 10 reps of each movement, transitioning from one to the next without rest or with as little as possible. You’ll get stronger by challenging yourself to keep that perfect plank position (even if it’s just for 10 more seconds or 1 more rep). Take a quick break if you need and get right back to it!

Note: Since the sequence of these movements requires transitioning from a forearm plank to a high (hand) plank position, try to do so by keeping your knees off the ground, just pushing up onto your hands or lowering down to forearms while maintaining your plank position.

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