Finding your Reason+ Sweaty Finisher!

I shared this picture on my Instagram feed earlier this week, along with the message below.

FullSizeRender (1)

Sure, part of why I worked out today has to do with reaching my aesthetic goals and because, yes, I do want to be better/faster/stronger than my competition. It’s a means to an end. There is no shame in that, it pushes me!

BUT, let me be clear, the main reason I worked out today, and just about every other (including those when I’m too tired, too busy, don’t fee like it, uninspired), is because it makes ME better/faster/stronger – and happier, in every sense of those words. I enjoy the process. Every single second of it.

Maybe you are just starting out on your fitness journey, maybe you have been at it for a while and need something to kickstart your motivation, or are just reassessing your goals. Regardless of where you are, there is a reason to get up each day and do what you do. Losing 5 pounds, making friends at the gym, increasing strength, running faster, getting an endorphin rush, having some time for yourself, boosting self-confidence – whatever, there is something driving and pushing you each day.

It is important not to lose sight of that end goal, because sometimes the days are long, and the weeks, months, and even years are longer. But, if you know what’s at the end you’ll keep pushing.

I, however, think what’s even more important is to not lose sight of the day-to-day feelings you get from your workout. In a month you will have lost 5 pounds. In 6 months you’ll run a faster 5k. In a year you’ll be 2 times as strong as you were before. But if you don’t find the joys, as small as they may be, in your daily efforts, you will quickly lose sight of what you can’t see.

Everyone needs to find their “reason”. If someone asked you every single day, “Why are you here?”, “What motivated you to get here today?”, “Why do you push yourself?”, what would you say? Ask yourself those questions and let the answers drive you.

Burpee ChainOne day last week I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated to get in a workout, but I was at the gym and knew that just working up a sweat would help me to feel better and set me up for a good day. My workout wasn’t noteworthy or really even that tough, but I did something and I felt better. I enjoyed the process. One positive? This Burpee Chain that I did to finish off my workout.

Here is short clip of the “chain” (showing only 1 rep of each) and then a description of how how do do it!

The basic sequence of this chain:
Hop Back to Plank with Dumbbells then..
1 Push-up
1 Renegade Row (each side)
1 Weighted Squat
1 Weighted Jump Squat

It’s called a chain because you will start adding reps. For the first “round” you’ll add reps for the Push-Ups. So, do the chain once, and then repeat, this time with 2 push-ups (1 of everything else). Continue on until you’ve worked your way up to 5 push-ups.

For the second round, start back with 1 of each but continue on, adding reps to the Renegade Rows, working up to 5 reps (each side).

In round 3 you’re adding reps to the Weighted Squat.

Lastly, in round 4 work up to 5 reps on the Weighted Squat Jump.

This is more challenging than it looks! Rest as needed throughout the entire sequence but be sure to PUSH YOURSELF (and have fun)!

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