Weekly Workouts – Goodbye February!

I feel like I’m just barely recovering from last week and it’s already Tuesday (but feels like a Thursday?). I’m tired, and ready for the weekend. While I gear up to take on the rest of the week, I’m thinking about the positives.

  1. It’s 6:00 PM now which means I’m only 11 hours away from my next cup of coffee!
  2. I’ve got fun workouts and classes to teach for the rest of the week.
  3. um….Something positive 😉

More importantly for you, I’m sharing some awesome workouts from last week!

Here is a snapshot of some of my meal prep.
image1 (2)

I am working on getting in more protein every day and have found that my breakfasts have been lacking. I made some mini egg muffins to eat with breakfasts and for snacks to help! They couldn’t be easier to make; just eggs, chicken sausage, onion, jalapeno and some spices. I meant to add spinach but completely forgot.
Pictured above are also some chicken breast tenders, loaded with spices and cooked in a pan with some olive oil, and some roasted beets and sweet potatoes!

If I must say, last week was a pretty good week of sweating! My weeks these days are usually a pretty good  mix between strength training, intervals or HIIT, and some group exercise.

Here is a look at how it all shook out:

Class at FLEXcity Fitness. FLEX is one of the gyms I teach at, but spent a few months working out there before I became an instructor. I love their workouts! Every class is different and every class is a challenge! I love the mix of cardio (treadmills and spin bikes) and strength (TRX, BOSU, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, and more). Each class is just under an hour and truly is an all-in-one workout.

I started early with some lifting at the gym. It was week 3 of my training as part of the 5-3-1 program I’m following so I needed to get it done.

The workout after was an old-school circuit style group workout, and it was KILLER! After a warm-up we did 2 different circuits. Each 6 stations for 1 minute each for 2 full rounds.

Circuit #1                                                                       Circuit #2
Sprint                                                                             Assault Bike
Row Machine                                                               Box Jumps
Skaters                                                                           Ball Slams
Tire Flips                                                                       Jump Squats
Weighted Stairs (holding dumbbells)                 TRX Atomic Push-up
Sled Push/Pull                                                             Burpee with Broad Jump
Another group class. This time at Fuse45. I never fail to be amazed at how long 45 seconds can feel….
I will actually start teaching classes at their new location soon! Stay tuned.

Back in the gym for some old-fashioned fun. After plenty of cardio in those last few days, I was looking forward to barbells, dumbbells and strength training. Lots of pull-ups, pull-downs, rows, and presses.

More gym time. There really is nothing like pulling/pushing/and moving around heavy weight on a barbell. And, I love barbell complexes, as evidenced by my workout this day. I promise I am planning a post all about barbell complexes. There’s something started in my draft folder but I’m trying to pare down TONS of info. I did 4 different complexes, each in an EMOM format for 6 minutes. That means Every Minute On the Minute, I did one round of the complex. Rest until the next minute starts.

I’ll share each of the complexes (and much more!) in that post…

I really wanted to workout this day but I was so not motivated to think of something for myself and it did take me (quite) a few minutes to actually get my body moving.
When I have days like that I resort to the hundreds of screenshots in my phone that I take of workouts posted by my fitness role models. I combined two circuits, one from PaleOMG and one from Jill Coleman. Both included dumbbells and the treadmill. Really can’t go wrong there.
image2 (1)Enough said.

Training day for work! Learning tons of new moves and new workouts means we get to practice. I foresee some great workouts for everyone who comes to FLEXcity classes in the future.

What was your favorite workout from last week?

What are you looking forward to to get you through until this weekend?

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