Gear Up!

Coming at you today with a quick gym workout. I say gym because it’s heavy on the equipment but you could always modify this to do the exercises at home without equipment or to just use what you have on hand.

For me, getting my sweat on at the gym is a good motivator to make sure I’m pushing hard. Ever see those people who are at the gym but you’re not really sure what they’re doing? They just kind of wander around, look at their phone, maybe talk to their friends. Trust me, you do not want to be that guy. That, and the fact that there is something about being in the gym seeing other people work hard and sweat that keeps you somewhat accountable.

Sometimes the worst part of a workout has nothing to do with the working out itself. It’s the 4 or 5 sweaty people you pass on the way in who have just finished their workouts and are leaving. Those pangs of jealousy are real and they are fierce.

Pro tip: keep your head down and try not to look them in the eye. Once you’ve made your way past, the battle is half way over! And, if you’ve got this with you, you won’t even have to think about the next part. Just grab your equipment, set up shop in a little corner of the gym and get to work!

Gear Up!

I recommend doing these circuits prior to or after some cardio sprints. Once you’re done, put your coat on, grab your keys and make everyone jealous as you’re sweaty and smiling on your way out!

To clarify on the circuits:

  • Equipment!
    • MB = Medicine Ball <– use a weight that is appropriate for you. Anywhere from 6 to 15 pounds should be fine. If you don’t have one, sub the MB Slams for Thrusters and just use a kettlebell or single heavy dumbbell for the other movements.
    • BOSU = (I hope you know this) is a BOSU ball. Those blue, half-inflated balls you see stacked int he corner of the gym. If you are new to these I would recommend keeping the black, flat side down to perform all the movements. Once you flip it over you’ve got a serious balance component added to anything you do.
    • BB = Balance Ball (or exercise ball, or Swiss ball). Everybody has a different name. Just those big, inflated rubber balls. Your gym probably has different sizes and colors. Unless you are really tall or really short just use the medium size and call it a day.
  • It’s 3 circuits where you’ll be completing 10 reps of 5 different movements within each.
    • For each circuit complete 10 reps for each of the 5 moves and then repeat for a total of 3 rounds.
    • Take a break between circuits – just enough rest until you feel ready to give 100% again.
  • GO ALL OUT! Don’t dillydally. Stake your claim at your spot, set up your mat and all your equipment and then get to work. Move through the 3 rounds of each circuit as fast as you can, with as much intensity as you can.

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