Hype’d Up HIIT

Do you set goals for yourself, either in the gym or elsewhere in your life? It’s been shown (in some scientific study… don’t ask me which one) that goal-setting is key in helping you to find success!

In my experience, goals are most effective when they are attainable and are also attached so some type of timeframe. (That’s in that scientific study, too.) I set goals for myself in my workouts as a way to keep myself accountable and to give myself something to work towards, to stay motivated during the day-in and day-out of training.

That being said, while the joy of attaining a goal or hitting a personal best can go a long way in keeping you motivated, the day-to-day work and sweat that goes into it is not always as glamorous. It takes those difficult workouts, tough days, and sometimes even weeks of grit that make the high points even more enjoyable.

It’s important to take each workout for what is it – hard work! And to enjoy the process. After all, every workout is getting you closer to your goal and no one ever felt bad after a workout, no matter how tough it seemed during the time (<– that may not be scientific ;))

Every workout is just as important, and I do my best to enjoy all my hard work, giving myself credit for whatever I’m able to do on any given day.  When I workout I’m ALWAYS smiling – it’s my favorite thing to do!


I’ve had some tough days, where getting to the gym seems nearly impossible. And once I’m there, finding motivation seems like reaching Mars. In those cases, ironically, a good workout is just the cure. This workout can be just what you need to break through a plateau, negative mindset or funky mood.

With a good challenge in front of you, telling yourself that you will get through it with your best effort, whatever it might be that day, and then completing a challenging workout is guaranteed to get you back in that fighting spirit, working day in and out to reach your goals. (Again, not scientific but I have LOTS of anecdotal evidence.)

Hyped Up HIIT

You have a couple options for this workout. Set your timer for either 30 seconds on/ 10 seconds off for 2 rounds per set, OR 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off for 3 rounds per set. Always take a minute rest in between. Either way, each set will be approximately 4 minutes of hard work. Set a goal to get through just 4 minutes of work each time, when you’re done, you’ll have the satisfaction of reaching that goal!

What goals do you set for yourself? What gets you through the hard days of work?

I’d love to hear what hypes you up, comment below!

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