Winter Warm-Up

It’s cold. It’s really cold. This is also the time of year where you can start to feel….blah. The holidays are over, there is little sunshine, and there doesn’t seem to be anything exciting on the horizon. Oh, did I mention it’s cold?

Though I’m still motivated to wake up early and get to the gym for my morning workouts, it does take some extra time to get into my workout once I’m there. Sometimes I have to do my warm-up with my coat still on…

This workout STILL requires a good warm-up but once you’re ready to go, you’ll stay nice and sweaty! Ideally, you take no additional rest because there is plenty of active recovery built into this workout. However, if you do need a break, take one!

The only equipment you need for this one is a Jump Rope! This makes it a good option for home or the gym. Before you get started, set your timer for a 3-minute interval followed immediately by a 2-minute interval. Those back-to-back will make up your 5 minute work sets.

  • The 3-minute interval is completed as an AMRAP meaning “As Many Rounds As Possible”. You will do the prescribed reps of the first movement, followed by all reps of the second movement, cycling through until the 3 minutes is up. You may not get all the way through a full round as you near the 3 minute mark, but keep moving. Every second and every rep count!
  • As soon as your AMRAP is complete, move directly into 2 minutes of jump roping. Use the first 30-40 seconds as a recovery period, still working but not moving at or near your max. Once you’ve had a chance to catch your breath and bring your heart rate back down, pick up the speed of your skips. If you’ve had practice, change it up – throw in some double-unders, single leg jumps, etc. If you’re not as experienced use the last 20-30 seconds to try something new – maybe a high knees skip or single leg jumps.

Jump Rope HIIT

How do you stay warm during this frigid days?

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