Plank Challenge

I’ve got some good workouts coming your way! AND..check out my Exercise Index page! I am continually updating, editing and adding to the page but it should be a great source for photos and video demos of all the exercises you find on this blog!

In lieu of a usual HIIT workout, below is a series of shorter “Plank Challenges” that I’ve been posting over on my Instagram page. The idea behind each of these short circuits is to complete all reps of each exercise, moving in sequence, without rest. Of course, if you need to take a break – take one! With practice you’ll be able to work up to no rest and you’ll develop a stronger core/shoulders/butt along the way!

I like these short challenges for a number of reasons.

  1. They’re quick! You only have to go through once to start feeling it, but you could go through each sequence 2 or 3 times for even more of a push.
  2. They’re effective. You should be working to keep a strong core throughout every single rep, for every exercise. Keep your belly button pulled back toward your spine, squeeze your glutes, and engage your lats to help keep your shoulders tight.
  3. You won’t be bored. There are some really fun varieties on the traditional plank and push-up in these. If you’re not familiar, go to the Exercise Index and watch the demos of each move before you get started.

Below are 4 different challenges. I recommend trying one at a time. Try all 4 within a week, taking breaks between each day. Do one before bed or first thing in the morning. There is no particular order to complete them in, each of them will push you!

Plank Challenge

Plank Challenge 2

Plank Challenge 3

Final Plank Challenge

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