New Year Workout!

Do you do anything special on New Year’s Day? Do you set resolutions for the upcoming year?

I typically don’t set any resolutions for the new year – any day is as good as any to make a change. I also don’t have any special traditions for the day, but I don’t think you can go wrong by starting a new year with people you love and doing what makes you happy. For me, that always includes a workout!


This workout is pretty simple actually. I set up camp at a treadmill with 3 different sets of dumbbells. Since I braved the crowded gym (and it was as crowded as ever) I ran on the treadmill and used different weights throughout the workout to be sure that I was challenged.

Start with 3 rounds of the first set, resting as needed, then hop on the treadmill for a mile. Catch your breath and start with 3 rounds of the second set. Run another mile then 3 rounds of set three. When you’re ready, run one last mile and end with 3 rounds of the fourth and final set. That’s 3 miles and full-body workout!

New Year Workout

Maybe you did set a resolution to be more active in the new year –  give this workout a try!
Maybe you already have a gym membership but need some inspiration – give this workout a try!
Maybe you’re a regular gym rat, then challenge yourself – run faster, move through these rounds quickly and select a heavy weight – and give this workout a try!
Maybe the thought of a crowded gym for the new year makes you break into a cold sweat – don’t worry, this blog’s got plenty of at-home workouts that you can try!


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